At Tackle Enterprises, we stand behind the quality and durability of our fishing rods. That's why we offer a 'no questions asked' lifetime warranty on most of our products.

To avail of this warranty, simply return the intact rod to the address provided below along with your email address and name. A $75 warranty fee for TI and Vexan rods, and $100 for TI PRO and VI PRO musky rods. Upon receipt of the rod, we will email you a link to pay the warranty fee and promptly ship you a new replacement rod.

Please refrain from cutting up the rod before returning it, as we refurbish returned rods for charitable purposes, particularly for Veterans and other deserving organizations.

For your convenience, if you lack a shipping tube, you can often obtain one free of charge at a local carpet or hardware store. Ensure that the tube is cut down to be at least 1 inch longer than the rod to prevent damage during transit.

Please note that our lifetime warranty applies only within the USA. Customers residing outside the USA are also covered under our warranty but will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

For rods exceeding 8 feet in shipping length, additional shipping charges may apply. We will notify you of any extra charges required for shipping such rods.

For customers located outside the Midwest in SpeeDee's shipping region, different shipping rates may apply for rods with a shipping length over 8 feet. The additional shipping fee for such rods is $110.

Additionally, we offer a service to change your rod to a telescopic version with a shipping length under 8 feet. This service falls under our standard $75 warranty fee, inclusive of shipping the rod back to you.


Return Address:

Tackle Industries 796 1st Ave SW Britt, IA 50423 Email: shipping@tackleindustries.com

Warranty Claim Form

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