WASP Walleye and Bass Crankbait


Vexan Rattlin WASP for Walleye and Bass Fishing

No4 and No5 Sizes


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Vexan Rattlin WASP for Walleye and Bass Fishing

Two major features separate the Vexan Rattlin Wasp from similar baits on the market: the internal rattle and great price point. Thanks to the design of the Rattlin Wasp, this little bait features amazing side to side action that trophy fish cannot resist. The intense wobble of the Vexan Wasp is combined with an internal “rattle” that has proven to be a game changer in murky water conditions, especially for walleye.  The Rattlin Wasp also rattles as it moves through the bait column mimicking a bait fish in distress to entice predators. Available in both size four and five, these baits are great to use all-year round casting or trolling!  This lure was designed by world renowned lure builder Paul “Coot” Williams. Paul has spend 1000’s of hours designing, testing and perfecting his baits.  Vexan’s Rattlin Wasp offers big performance at a price point you will love.   In 2017 over half of TI/Vexan profits were used to support Veterans and Children’s charities so “Thank you” for helping us help others!

At $6.99 per bait (No4 or No5 sizes), you can now afford to have the entire set of colors of the Vexan Rattlin Wasps in your boat!

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Dive Chart:


No. 4 WASP

Weight with hooks: 1/6 oz

Length tail to end of lip 2 1/4″

No. 5 WASP

Weight with hooks: 1/4oz

Length tail to end of lip: 3″


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No4, No5


1 – Pearl, 2 – Sexy Shad, 3 – Blue Streak, 4 – Kitty Kat , 5 – Terminator, 6 – Yellow Jacket, 7 – Coot Krippler, 8 – Mad Cow, 9 – Crazy Clown, 10 – Firetiger, 11 – Coot Clown, 12 – Gold Digger, 13 – Golden Goose, 14 – Baby Bass, 15 – Green Perch, 16 – Chrome Perch, 17 – Tennessee Shad, 18 – Perch Goblin, 19 – Coot Perch, 20 – Diesel, 21 – Terminator II, 22 – Grounder, 23 – Pink Lady, 24 – Easter Egg, 10-Pack Unpainted Chrome Kit