Topwater & Creepers

Topwater fishing for musky and pike is one of the most exciting ways to fish for these trophies. There are many musky and pike lures on the market designed especially for topwater fishing. Water temperatures will be the number one factor determining surface lure type and speed.

Colder temperatures would dictate the use of slower wobbling type lures such as the Kraken creeper. Work this lure just fast enough to activate them. Too much speed with this creeper is usually counterproductive both in the lure’s action, and fish responses. Most Pro Musky anglers agree that the very best speed to use with all creepers and wobblers is ultra slow. Rarely is a fast speed more effective with this style of surface bait, plus hookups are much more consistent with slow speeds.

As water temperatures increase the use of buzzbaits or prop style lures, like the Hairy Plopper, Medusa or Leviathan, can be extremely effective. Here the complete opposite is often true vs a creeper style bait. A water spraying, fast moving lure often triggers more response in active musky and pike. Another advantage of topwater lure style is that far more water can be covered.

Please enjoy our topwater offerings here at Tackle Industries. Just click on the picture or name below and you can see the approximately 40 colors/styles of topwater musky and pike lures we offer.