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Tubby Tube ™ Musky, Pike, Bass Tube Lure for Trophy Fish
Trophy Musky, Pike and Bass anglers all across North America have been finding out, the new 14″ long Tubby Tubes ™ and 10″ Tubby Jr tubes provide the perfect combination of erratic action and perfect profile to cause reaction strikes in even the most stubborn of trophy fish. You can fish the Tubby Tube ™ slow, medium or super fast. We also have a unique internal harness system that allows you to change the weight so you can make this lure more shallow. Just drill holes or clip off some of the harness weight and it will run more shallow for you. The Tubby Tube is a monster sized tube with custom twin reaper tail. The Tubby Tube can be is fished in deep or relatively shallow water and used like an erratic jerk bait. We use a solid wire jerk bait leader when fishing the Tubby Tube. After the bait hits the water, pause a little to let the Tubby Tube fill with water and sink to your desired depth, then jerk the bait with a sharp twitch. Feed the rod tip back to the lure to give the line a little slack to help the bait “fly” or “walk the dog” out to the side. It does not do a side to side perfect walk the dog like a hard bait will, but it does a dying walk the dog as on every twitch if may fly to the right, left, up, or down. You usually get very few follows on this lure because when they come after it, they come to kill with often violent attacks.

Best thing about this lure is: 100% of the profits from the Tubby Tube lure sales are donated to USA Veterans and Children’s Charities. Tackle Industries is a strong proponent of saying “thank you” to our Veterans and helping children with special needs.

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