Swimbaits & Tubes

Swimbaits are usually different from crankbaits by the way they generate lure action. Some are rubber “vortex tail” lures that appear to swim when the tail flutters during retrieve. Some are jointed baits that wave like a flag in the water when retrieved, without any obvious mechanism to generate motion. Others are twisty type hand cut tails and sway in the water giving a natural look and a lot of vibration to trigger strikes. Tackle Industries has all bases covered in types, sizes and colors. Don’t foget tubes too. Crazy random side to side actions will trigger strikes all day long.

Tackle Industries most popular swimbaits are the SuperD family of swim baits. These are quite possibly the best big musky lure ever made. This swim bait mimics baitfish to perfection when it comes to hungry musky, pike, bass, walleye and other large gamefish. On a straight retrieve the body rocks back and forth along with a seductive tail action to trigger strikes. When using a stop-and-go type retrieve the SuperD is devastating! With each pull the lure glides out to each side slightly and has a nice side flash created by the rocking action at the end of each pull. Due to the difference in sizes and weights, each size of SuperD has a different sinking speed on the pause and running depth over all. SuperDs work great around the edges of your favorite structure but also work great in and around weeds. These are not just a break line lure! The water pushing vibration from the head and the tail action produced by the SuperD is enough to make it a great night fishing lure as well. SuperDs are also great trolling lures. Very productive jerkbait type trolling lures but just as productive on a flat line or planer board. With over 400 SuperD colors and sizes you will have a hard time not finding what you need for any situation for Spring, Summer or Fall fishing.