Stealth Musky Leaders

Flourocarbon Leaders from Stealth Tackle for Trophy Northern Pike and Musky
Stealth Musky Leaders are fluorocarbon leaders that are made of the finest quality material and components on the market today. These pike leaders are made with “fluorocarbon” that is a carbon based resin widely used fishing line for large salt water game fish that offers high abrasion resistance, superior tensile and knot strength as well as the invisibility “stealth” factor that fluorocarbon provides.

The Stealth Leader connections to line and lure; are made up of 150lb ball bearing swivels to prevent line twist, and the strongest snaps in the industry, #5 String Ease Stay-Lok snaps. All of Stealth Leaders are nail knotted with the tag ends crimped and super glued to offer added insurance and safety. Don’t trust your next trophy Northern pike or muskie to any leader, use Stealth Musky Leaders!

We carry a full line of Stealth Musky Leaders. From the standard leader rated 85#, 100#, 130# and 150# to the GLOW 130# and the monster 36″ long 130# Stealth Pike trolling leaders. Leaders are one of the few items we know we can’t do any better that this manufacturer already does. Stealth is the best for a reason, dependability! Remeber pike and muskies first always! Catch and realease.We use PayPal for secure credit card or bank transfers and utilize tracking numbers. No PayPal account required. Please email to pay by Money Order or Cashiers Check.

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