Switchblade Spinnerbait

Switch Blade ™ 500+ Color Combinations in ONE Spinnerbait
The 2.8oz “Switch Blade” TM has been in development for three years and is the first of its kind. This musky and pike spinnerbait is armed with a #6 Colorado blade and a giant #10 Magnum Colorado blade for maximum flash and vibration. Constructed with 062″ stainless steel spring wire, stainless hardware and top of the line musky hooks. This bait has unbelievable flash and vibration.

This lure comes with 2 skirts on the lure and 9 extra skirt colors. This allows you to make over 500 different color combinations with the attached blade. Add in our other 11 different colors of spinnerbait blades and you can make over 20,000 color combinations! No more need to buy so many spinnerbaits to get the color combinations you want. Now you only need a few and you will have 1000s in your tackle box. A muskie hunter’s dream come true. Remember, musky shops will charge you $9.99 for a three pack of pre-tied skirts on coils. You get 11 with this lure or almost $30 in pre-tied skirts. You can always use the extras to make your own double 10 bucktails too!

Don’t pay high prices! We could charge up to $35+ for this spinnerbait but why!? We price our lures so the working class musky fisherman can buy quality crankbaits, trolling lures, bucktails, spinnerbaits, swimbaits or topwater musky and pike lures! Our motto is “No more high prices!”. We started making lures for friends and family and it just grew from there. We continue to treat all of our customers just like we initially treated our frineds. Thanks!

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