Double 10 Dominatrix

Double #10 Dominatrix™ Musky Bucktails for Pike and Musky Hunters!

DOMINATRIX in-line spinner musky bucktails are made with the finest Northern Pike bucktail terminal tackle around. These Northern Pike bucktails have heavy blades that start spinning more easily and can handle all the abuse you can dish out. Great bucktails for bulging over your favorite weedbeds or trolling your favorite mid water humps or breaks for big trophy Northern Pike. The premium double #10 Colorado spinner blades on these bucktails leave a wake that you have to see to believe. These in-line musky spinner bucktails are a dream for Northern pike and musky hunters young and old. They will get you the attention of many big 50 plus inch Northern Pike and Muskies for years to come. This type of bait is responsible for the MOST big muskys caught in the last few years. We have Northern Pike bucktail lures for stained water to clear and for day or night fishing! Our innovations are your key to success. Quality Northern Pike lures made by the Tackle Industries company and not overpriced!

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