Our Vision

Hello, my name is James and I own Tackle Industries.  A long time ago when I began fishing I had to spend a lot of money to get started.  I soon found out that the musky rods and musky lures I was purchasing from retail stores were very expensive and some were poor quality.  Well, 30 years later things have not changed much so I decided to make my own muskie, pike, bass and walleye tackle that are both affordable and high quality.  I soon realized that most of the money companies spend is on advertising and not the fishing tackle.  It does not take a lot of money to make high quality fishing tackle and if I did not do much advertising I could price the tackle at a great price so everyone can enjoy this great sport.  So, I started my own fishing lure company.  Since that day I have expanded into mass production as I realized I could make high quality lures at even better prices for my customers.  Today my company offers high quality fishing tackle for saltwater and freshwater fishing to the customer for about 20% to 40% less than my competitors prices.  We do not spend tons of money on advertising and this helps us bring the savings to you.  Our goal is to allow our customers that are on a budget to fill their tackle box with high quality tackle for less and enjoy this great sport.

We are also happy to tell you that every year a large portion of our profits (Ranges form year to year between 40% to 60%) are used to support Veterans and Children’s charities.  I must thank my daughter Julia for helping me see whats important in life.  She spent a lot of time in a Children’s hospital and it really taught my wife and I that material possessions are far less important than helping others.  To date we have donated and helped raise an estimated $600,000+ for various charities and organizations.  Much of our donations send Veterans fishing as a “Thank you” for their service with some great groups like Operation Musky, Take a Vet Fishing, etc..  Other donations include supporting families through organizations like the Wounded Warrior program and the Ronald McDonald House so they can afford to spend time with their loved ones at the hospital. Many of these families can’t even afford gas to drive to see their children let alone multiple nights in a hotel. Thank you for helping us help others.

God bless and have a good time fishing!
James & Lisa Haworth
Owners, Tackle Industries

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