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Welcome to Tackle Industries. We make pike, bass, musky lures, rods and more.  We are constantly sourcing and manufacturing the best and highest quality musky, pike and bass lures as well as muskie and bass rods that we can.  We sell hand painted lures as well as a variety of bass, pike and muskie swimbaits, lures and rods to help you catch some of the biggest saltwater and freshwater fish around.  Enjoy the savings as well as the quality and durability of our musky lures and musky rods.  We have some of the best musky lures and baits for largemouth bass, walleye, musky and Northern pike fishing as well as many big saltwater gamefish.

Pike bait lures and top quality fishing rods

If you do not want to order online and wish to pay by check, simply print off our Order Sheet and mail it to us wtih payment.  We offer a $6 flat rate shipping for all of our US and $12 FLAT rates for our Canada customers. If you live outside of North America please check our shipping rates.

Bass fishing tackle your source for lures and rods

No more high prices for musky rods and musky lures! We keep our prices low by being a one stop shop! We do everything from designing musky lures, musky rods, manufacturing, marketing, shipping and more. We keep our musky lure and musky rod quality high and our prices low by not advertising or paying for fancy packaging. We pass on our margins & savings on to our retailers and customers! High quality, low prices on all musky lures and musky rods!

$6 FLAT rate shipping for USA and $12 FLAT rate for Canada orders!
Global shipping (See Table)

NEW FOR 2014!  12 NEW lines of musky rods and 6 NEW lines of
VEXAN Bass rods, Twitchin Shad Diver, Tubby Jr, Dominatrix Double #8 bucktails, bass blade baits and more!   All for about 30%-60% less when compared to our competitions retail prices.

Catch the same fish for less with Tackle Industries!!

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A large portion of TI's profits are are used to support Veterans and Children's charities every year. Thank you for helping us help others.
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